So, are we?

Dreaming, I mean.

I’m trying to remember how I came up with the name for this website. And honestly I can’t remember. I’d like to say it came to me in a dream, but it didn’t. Unless this whole thing we call life is a dream and everything we experience is coming to us in this dream. Woah. Yeah, that’s it. That’s definitely it.

Anyway, if we are dreaming, we sure are lucky to be able to share in this mass delusional dream together, and I am happy that cameras exist and are able to capture some of this mutually agreed upon craziness that manifests itself as our natural world.

For a while I have been trying to think of ways to use this website to better present my images. It’s one thing to have images that stand alone and speak for themselves but often I find that in capturing these moments there are also stories to be told. Be they of my experiences around the moment in question or that of the subject/s of the image or the lives they live and the environments in which they live them.

Every dive I make I see something new. Still now after many many dives I am permanently surprised by what I find under the waves. The novelty that is constantly supplied by the oceans is for me one of the most satisfying things about exploring the world as a diver.

All of this stuff is there waiting to be seen and all we have to do is put ourselves there at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, to be able to experience and perhaps capture and share these moments.

With that in mind the purpose of this website is, from now on, to answer, for you, the following questions relating to the images I make.

What, Where, How and (maybe) Why

What I shoot. Where I might have been when I shot it and what dive gear or technology I used to get there. And How I shot it, what equipment, what settings or perhaps what techniques were used.

As for the Why? Often the answer will simply be “why not?”. Or because it’s beautiful, because it’s crazy to me that it even exists or it’s so unusual as to be fascinating, and perhaps even just because it’s there… And so was I.

And Who Am I?

My name is Thomas Ozanne

I am a diver, photographer, elementally limited traveller, wannabe underwater explorer and dive nerd.

Thomas Ozanne, Underwater, Diving on Sidemount in the Philippines.

So, welcome once again to my website, have a mooch of the pages it contains, subscribe to my blog, and as it’s new direction evolves hopefully you will enjoy my work and hopefully can impart an insight in to the watery world we live on and the creatures we share it with.