Gulper Eel caught on video

Ocean Exploration Trust operate the exploration vessel Nautilus and have a fascinating YouTube channel documenting their deep water finds. This video shows a Gulper eel, ballooning and shapeshifting. We’ve probably all seen photos of dead specimens in the past but this is the first footage I have seen of one alive and it is truly amazing. Make sure you watch all of the video. Also it’s fun to hear the scientists response to what they’ve found.


Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some talented and dedicated people, none more so than the Free Divers I know. Spending time in the water with such skilled individuals can make for some incredibly beautiful photographic opportunities...

Return to the Similans...

I'm heading back to Khaolak on the west coast of Thailand in a week or so. Khaolak is the starting off point for many divers making Liveaboard and speedboat day-trips to the Similan Islands... It's the place where I really kicked off my photography, many hundreds of dives on a wide range of sites gave me the time to build up my understanding of diving and underwater photography... Over countless trips I encountered a huge variety of marine life, large and small, Whalesharks and Mantas to Nudis and Cowries. I have also had the pleasure of sharing these moments and experiences with hundreds of divers first hand, underwater and through my images and videos.

Here is a small selection of some of my Similan collection. With thanks to Similan Diving Safaris


Dead and not Buried...

Skulls, Bali, Burial, Graveyard, Lake Batur, Trunyan, The small village of Trunyan in Bali is home to the Bali Aga, the original inhabitants of the island. On the east shore of volcanic Lake Batur in the centre of the island the villagers lay their dead to rest above ground, protected beneath bamboo cages, in a cemetery reachable only by boat. The fragrant scent of the large tree that dominates the cemetery masks the smell as the bodies are reclaimed by the wind. Traditionally only men are allowed to accompany the bodies to their final resting place and after the ceremony is complete they swim back to the village... Once the bodies are reduced to skeletons the bones are collected and stacked up on a stepped altar, and room is made for the next occupants. More information here on WonderfulBali.

Altar, Skulls, Trunyan Cemetery, Batur Lake, Bali

Altar, Skulls, Trunyan Cemetery, Batur Lake, Bali

Bali, Trunyan, Cemetery, Lake Batur, Indonesia